"Jackie is the most talented and skilled body worker I have ever had the privilege to work with.  Her vast background and her myriad of skills give her a knowledge and intuition of the human body that is unparalleled.  I have been Jackie’s client for 7 years and she has treated me through 2 pregnancies and a very difficult post-partum period.  She has also treated both of my children.  Jackie’s ability to listen and guide both the body and mind to facilitate change is nothing short of magic," -H.A.

“About 4 years ago, a friend referred me to Jackie.  I was generally a healthy person, but I had aches and pains that were unexplained. I also had problems with my thyroid, in that it was not responding to medicine. My thyroid doctor and I had been trying for about 5 years to get my TSH number to fall within the normal range. For some reason, Synthroid was not working so we had to supplement it with another medicine. This left me feeling jittery, and we still could not get the numbers to be in the normal range. After two sessions with Jackie working on my hormones and uterus, I all of a sudden felt that I did not need the extra pill. I stopped taking it, and a month later I went for blood work tests for my thyroid doctor.  The thyroid TSH number was in the normal range for the first time in 5 years. It stayed that way for about four years, and a couple of months ago it started to go up again. I hadn't seen Jackie in a couple of years, so I went back to her for one session.  Then I had my blood work done, and the thyroid levels were back in the normal range.  Dramatic results that were backed up by the blood work.  I highly recommend Jackie!” - D.C.

“I started seeing Jackie when I developed complications during my pregnancy. It was discovered early on in my pregnancy that I had placental insufficiency. The scariest complication occurred around 26 weeks. My doctor discovered areas of absent blood flow in my placenta, areas of high resistance to blood flow in the umbilical cord, calcification of my placenta and my son's growth was slowing down. Basically, my placenta was shutting down and was not going to provide enough nourishment/blood flow to my baby. My doctors were preparing me for delivery by 34 weeks or sooner. I immediately saw Jackie for treatment. Literally, 1.5 weeks after 2 treatments with Jackie, my doctors could no longer find the areas of absent blood flow in my placenta. My doctor was shocked and asked me what I had been doing. I still had a prematurely aging placenta (placental calcification) and my baby's growth slowed. But I continued to see Jackie and every time I saw my doctors, they were shocked that my baby was continuing to grow and show signs of good blood flow despite my poor placenta! My high risk doctor actually commented that she hadn't ever seen 43 week old placentas look as mature (aka old) as mine. Needless to say, against all odds, I made it past 34 weeks  to 37 weeks. After my delivery, my doctor confessed that she had never had a patient make it so far in pregnancy with my combination of problems. I know without a doubt that Jackie's healing hands and intuition made all the difference. I cannot thank her enough for getting my son and I through a difficult pregnancy!” - V.A.

"My oncologist and gynecologist both were blown away with my progress after my bilateral breast reconstruction surgery 9 months ago. They both wanted to know what she was doing. And I'm able to move my arms more freely and with significantly less pain. I'm getting my life back.” - LG. 


"It's rare that you come across a unique and gifted healer like Jacqueline Leavitt. She has helped me heal tremendously in ways that traditional physical therapy could not.  I was referred to Jackie four months post-surgery (Stand-alone Anterior Lumbar Interbody spinal fusion at L5-S1) after I had been experiencing extreme abdominal pain, tenderness and swelling at the incisional site. This extreme pain had been interfering with the standard PT I had been performing to stabilize my core. My sessions with Jackie for the better part of a year were life changing.  Not only did she address the structural imbalances throughout my body, she intuitively knew what practices worked best for me, which encouraged both physical and spiritual healing. These treatments improved the chronic irritation of my bodily systems, which diminished inflammation, scaring and adhesions to my abdominal wall and pelvis. This also resulted in my coming off of and decreasing medications that I had been taking for the treatment of Lupus and Hashimoto's Thyroid disease.  Spiritually, I gained the ability to open my heart to allow inner healing to take place. I was impressed by Jackie's integrative approach and treatment, her kind heartedness and healing spirit that guided me on this journey towards recovery. No matter how intense or challenging a session might have been, she always made sure I was grounded before leaving her treatment room and that I always left with a smile.”- S.G.

"Our (7-month old) son Jack is like a new person.  Jeff and I cannot get over how profoundly different he is today.  Even the expression on his face while he is sleeping has so much more ease.  It is truly a miracle! You completely rerouted his physical experience in the most positive way.  Thank you beyond words." (newborn with diagnosis of severe colic and torticollis after 2-3 sessions)" - J.A.