Jacqueline is committed to the overall health and well-being of her clients and provides a comfortable, safe and supportive environment in her one-on-one therapy sessions for healing to take place.  She believes that anything is possible when it comes to healing and focuses on uncovering the root of her client’s emotional and/or physical pain. Jacqueline listens to what the body needs and deeply believes that in order to promote healing, it is important to identify the underlying source(s) of pain in an effort to treat the whole person.

“One of the things Jacqueline is doing for all of the people she treats, whether they are very small and new to this world, or quite accustomed to being in a physical body is realigning, activating, clearing and recalibrating their most primordial human experience of self.  The work she does for people of all ages is in essence is same regardless of whether she is welcoming a newborn or restoring someone to their ultimate newborn self”- Rabbi Karen Deitsch



(CST) is gentle, non-invasive hands-on approach to releasing connective tissue tensions that surround the central nervous system. These restrictions can cause imbalances in the body.  By releasing these restrictions and subtle movements to the cranial bones, CST helps the inherent healing properties of the body get to a state of equilibrium and promotes optimal health on a physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual level. Read more here


(VM) is a gentle technique based in osteopathy to find restrictions in the organs, nervous system, respiratory system, urogenital system, lymphatic system, or vascular system that maybe contributing to an imbalance in the body.  By locating these abnormal tensions and freeing them up, it can effect the physiological functioning of the organ and it’s associated connective tissue as well as, improve the structural integrity of the body and therefore improve posture and daily function.  Read more here

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Techniques (LDT) directly affects the lymphatic system and interstitial fluid and more indirectly all body fluids including the venous and arterial blood circulation, as well as the cerebrospinal fluid. LDT also supports the immune system and the autonomic nervous system and through techniques like lympho-fascia, releases all the musculoskeletal system; the body’s framework. Read more here.


(MFR) is a very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into myofascial (connective tissue) restrictions, which are caused by various forms of trauma, to decrease pain and restore range of motion.